14 Other Life Hacks

  1. Save your knuckles by using a screwdriver to punch a hole in a wall. 
  2. Put the soda tab in the can. When you’ve drunk everything in there, the tab will rattle and you’ll know there’s no more soda.
  3. Tell your boyfriend you want to be in an open relationship. When he says he does too, break up with him.
  4. Cut the top off a shampoo bottle. Pour the shampoo in the trash, and fill the now empty bottle with flowers. Instant vase. 
  5. Use an empty toilet paper roll to know when it’s time to buy new toilet paper.
  6. Fill an ice cube tray with arsenic. Never fight with your roommates again. 
  7. Use a can opener to open a can. 
  8. Turn your cupcake tray over so you don’t eat any more cupcakes.
  9. Use nail polish to divide your socks into socks and not socks
  10. Instead of opening a banana at the stem, throw it away and eat an apple. 
  11. If you need to leave your seat at the bar, put a coaster over your drink so it will be physically impossible for someone to steal your boyfriend.
  12. Drill holes in the bottom of your garbage can so liquid doesn’t get trapped in there.
  13. Chew on a bread bag clip instead of eating bread.
  14. Differentiate between electronics cords by looking at them.
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  1. dad says:

    These are greater than ever. I especially like the use of the phrase “in there” in those spots in there.

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